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Banksy's Dismaland: The UK’s most disappointing new visitor attraction

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27 Aug 2015
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Dismaland, “The UK’s Most Disappointing New Visitor Attraction”, or in other words, a theme park unsuitable for children, created by Bristol’s own Banksy and almost 60 of the artist’s friends, has opened in the South-West’s most famous seaside resort town, Weston-Super-Mare. 

27 Aug 2015 / Bristol

As with other Banksy artworks, Dismaland is a piqued look at consumerism, global political events and modern society and is open everyday from 22nd August until 27th September, from 11am-11pm.

Weston-Super-Mare’s infamous Tropicana, where Dismaland is located, has been “re-decorated” to match the theme of the park (i.e.: it has been painted with dark colours, to make it appear even more run-down and neglected).

And for just £3, you can see a collection of work from today’s greatest living artists. However, there is a catch (as there always is with Banksy’s work), which is that you can only buy the tickets in-person, meaning you have to queue up before you can get in. The site runs a one-in-one-out policy, and there have been reports of people waiting up to 4 hours to get in.


You cannot smoke inside Dismaland, despite it being mostly an open-air space. You can smoke outside the Tropicana, though.


You can find more information on the official website here: 


UPDATE: You can now buy tickets online for scheduled slots, subject to availability. They still cost £3, however there is a £2 surcharge applied to online purchases.

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